Jacob Bogatin: how to survive the heat

To work from home, it’s better to leave early. Those whose working day starts at 8-9 am, still have time to catch the morning chill. However, if the day is expected to be hot, doctors recommend leaving the house before the usual schedule to get to work was comfortable, reports Jacob Bogatin.

Do not abuse the air conditioning in the room. Do not include it at too low temperatures – this can lead not only to colds (and sometimes to pneumonia) but also to heat shock if you have to go out in the hot hours. It is much more useful to take a cold shower several times during the day, of course, if there is such an opportunity, notes Jacob Bogatin.

When leaving the street, be sure to take with you the natural drinking water and a hat. Those who are forced to appear on the road after 10 am, you can advise to stay in the shade and go slowly. Be sure to bring drinking water and do not neglect the headdress. Wear wet wipes with a neutral smell to refresh your face or rub your hands after a trip on public transport. On the evening road from the office home also stock up on drinking water, do it as slowly as possible, says Jacob Bogatin.

If possible, do not go out on the street during the peak hours of a hot day. While in the room, do not open the windows and balcony doors – so you can limit access to the premise of overheated air from the street and keep the apartment at a comfortable temperature.