Jacob Bogatin: How dogs improve our health

Since ancient times dogs have firmly taken their place in people’s lives. Modern science says that the very presence of four-friend friends in our lives positively affects our health. In this case, you do not need to have your dog, so that you can enjoy all the positive aspects of communicating with her. You can work as a volunteer in a dog shelter, look out for or walk a dog, which frees you from a certain amount of responsibility. What is the dog’s positive impact on our physical and mental health, notes Jacob Bogatin?

If you have a dog, it means that you now have a daily partner for physical activity and regular exercise. Studies show that dog walking is associated with a decrease in body mass index, fewer restrictions on daily life, fewer doctor visits and more frequent moderate and vigorous exercise, reports Jacob Bogatin.

A regular schedule of dog walking can also improve your socialization. “Owning pets is an important factor that promotes social interaction and the formation of friendly relations in your area,” writes Jacob Bogatin.