Jacob Bogatin: Dependence on gadgets compared with drug addiction

Two-thirds of the surveyed users of digital devices admitted that they were stuck in the smart phone’s screen to get rid of the annoying interlocutor. Another 66% of the participants in the study called internal discomfort the cause of constant hang-up in social networks and the scrolling of news tapes from the phone. Leaving reality in virtual space helps them cope with the anxiety that occurs when a large crowd of people around. And these respondents admitted that at such moments they prefer to shift their eyes to the screen with the most anxious kind to show others that they are trying to find out something important, notes Jacob Bogatin.

Also, half of the respondents agreed that they only kill time with the help of a smartphone. And another 47% regard electronics as entertainment, says Jacob Bogatin.

According to Jacob Bogatin, not everyone who hangs on the phone or tablet for hours is a candidate for the diagnosis of “gadget mania” or “Internet addiction.”